May 27, 2013

The Bling Ring and The Spring Breakers: The Crazy Girl Movie Trend...

Alright I am going to be honest with you.

I usually think Emma Watson is an annoying goody-goody and that shes trying way too hard to break out of her Hermione role. I used to think that she was ALMOST as bad as the dreaded Anne Hathaway (blehhh I don't even want her name to be on my blog--sorry Tess and Allie if you're reading this) but her involvement in The Perks of Being a Wallflower began to change my opinion of her and now The Bling Ring might be just enough to 100% change my mind. I don't know why but these bad-girl MTV-style movies seem to be quite trendy these days and I've gotta say, I'm interested.

First there was The Spring Breakers which I haven't gotten a chance to see yet (is it even out yet?) but I read an interesting article about this movie in an old issue of Rolling Stone that I stole from Day Hall during finals week.

The director,  Harmony Korine, sounds absolutely nuts. A paragraph from the article: "Korine, 40, grew up a day's drive from the Florida beaches he calls "the Redneck Riviera," but he was never one for spring break himself. "I spent my summers in San Francisco skateboarding and sleeping on rooftops," he says, "or jumping on Greyhound buses and going to Kentucky or Las Vegas." After coming up with the idea for the movie, he took several months collecting imagery from fraternity message boards and coed porn sites, then wrote the movie over 10 Diet Coke-fueled days in Panama City Beach, which happened to coincide with spring break."

This just doesn't even sound real. He definitely was bull-shitting when he answered this question. Like he took that answer from somewhere. Jumping on Greyhound buses to Las Vegas? Skateboarding and sleeping on rooftops? Do people actually do this? Is there a world outside of Wellesley where these things exist or is this something that he stole from like On the Road or something? Not sure. Whatever, not the point.

Anyway, now there's this The Bling Ring. This looks great. Spring Breakers I am just kind of curious about because it sounds so unbelievably weird I just can't rationalize NOT seeing it, Bling Ring, on the other hand (no pun intended ha. ha.) I actually really want to see.

Will this be an ongoing trend? Has anyone seen either of these movies?ALSO, probably the most important question here... what are these "actual events" that they speak of in The Bling Ring trailer?