May 18, 2013

End of Sophomore Year!

I cannot believe I am half way done with college. WHAT. Sophomore year was SO much better than freshman year. I couldn't have asked for better friends. And I was so lucky to live where I lived and to finally say that I was a Newhouse student!
This semester I...
  1. Survived my first recruitment from "the other side"
  2. Found the 2 absolute most perfect littles
  3. FINALLY decided on a major (5th times the charm, right?): Magazine Journalism
  4. Matched with my big on the regular
  5. Got lost hiking
  6. Did a Color Run (Bucket List item!)
  7. Signed the lease for my senior house!
  8. Made lots of new friends
  9. Got an E-Council position in Phi Sig
  10. Made Dean's List both semesters
Already looking forward to a great summer:)